What Happened to Fall?

You wouldn’t be able to tell by the temperatures. Not too long ago it was 80°F feeling like August, today starting out in the mid 30’s feeling like December. Somehow it seems we have skipped over the 60°F and 70°F normally associated with fall season.

Despite the finicky weather, there are still many fall chores that can be accomplished at this time of year. As frost and freeze warnings will soon become the norm, many sensitive plants will have to be taken inside or removed. If you still would like some fall color you can plant mums, cabbages, or kales.

Fertilizing lawns in the fall is extremely beneficial and I highly recommend it. If you have an ant or grub problem, those treatments may still be able to be made but are probably best left to a professional applicator. If you are going to do your own lawn treatments, no matter what the product is or the time of year, you must always read the label to make sure that you are making the application correctly. It may sound silly, but reading the label two or even three times is better than just once. You might be surprised what you get in the second or third read that you glanced over in the first. What’s that old carpenter’s adage? Measure twice, cut once.

Of course, fall leaf clean ups are going to be necessary. I highly recommend
that you do you fall leaf clean ups on a weekly basis. This may sound like a lot of work but there are some advantages to doing your fall leaf clean ups on a frequent basis as opposed to just when you find the energy.

Just like shoveling snow, cleaning leaves can be hard work. If you had a foot of snow, and shoveled it only at the end of the snow storm you would be lifting and pushing 12” of snow. if you went out twice, 6”, or 3 times only 4” of snow per shoveling. So if you are hand raking or even with modern equipment, there is still an advantage to frequent leaf cleaning.

Another important factor is that if leaves remain on the lawn area long enough, they reduce the grass plants ability to breathe. Leaves that remain on the lawn for very long periods of time can start to lower the pH of the soil which is not healthy for your lawn.

I believe this is some good general information about fall landscaping for your to do list. Please feel free to share this blog with your friends and family. Of course if you feel you need some additional help we at Keep It Green Landscaping are here for you.

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