Snow Today

Snow today, that is, if you live in Minnesota. Some people are waking up today to snow. It won’t be very long before Bergen county residents will be waking up to snow as well. Soon we will all be paying more attention to weather forecasts as the possibility of snowfall is not that far away.

Recent temperatures have been averaging 5-10°F above normal so far this fall season. This has allowed for most folks to leave the sweater behind. But don’t be fooled. Cooler weather will arrive as it always does. All it takes is temperatures of 32°F or lower which changes rain to snow.

Professional snow management contractors are and have been gearing up for the 2018-2019 snow removal season since the end of last snow season. For us, we are always thinking of snow plowing and salting operations year round. However, now is certainly the time for you to be thinking about snow and ice management for your commercial property.

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