Gnats Got You Biting Mad?

Well  if you have a gnat problem there are some things you can do to reduce gnats. First you need to know that gnats are looking for something that is decomposing. So, to start, look for those areas and clean them up, Excessive thatch build up in lawns should be removed, dirty garbage cans should be cleaned and rotting wood should be removed. A huge problem is leaving dog piles on your lawn. removing dog piles daily is removing a problem daily. 

So do your best to reduce the places where gnats live and breed. However gnat problems can go beyond your ability to control them yourself by reducing attractants. At Keep It Green Landscaping, we receive a lot of calls requesting gnat control in the Ridgewood, Midland Park, and Wyckoff area, but fungus gnats and wood gnats are common to all of Bergen county. 

If you are experiencing a gnat problem, we can help. We employ gnat control strategies using 100% organic gnat controls that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor parties and backyards. At Keep It Green Landscaping, our safe and effective gnat control programs will have the kids  and adults alike, outside, playing and having fun.

Mosquito control and gnat control would make a great Father's Day or birthday gift too!

 For more information about our Mosquito Control and Gnat Control services please see our page or give us a call at 201-445-4646 to set up a free consultation.