Mosquitoes Bugging You?

Mosquito season has started.  The 2018 mosquito season is shaping up to be a bad one. The frequency of rain this spring has created an abundance of breeding sites for mosquitoes this year.  So the question is, will mosquitoes be bugging you?

With mosquito season comes those nasty itchy mosquito bites. There is no reason to bring the backyard party inside early. Our organic mosquito spraying is extremely effectively in controlling those nasty biting bugs. Our technicians are professionals. Our technicians find and target the places where mosquitoes go to hide in your yard. We offer affordable season long protection against mosquitoes. Let the kids out to play, sit down and read a book, and barbecue all day long.

So you don't have to pack up and run, you can call Keep It Green Landscaping.  We offer season long mosquito protection programs.  For more information about our Mosquito Control and Gnat Control services please see our page or give us a call at 201-445-4646 to set up a free consultation.