It's Time to Think Spring

Is it time to think spring? We just turned the clocks forward, spring ahead. There is no snow forecast in the upcoming five day forecast. The average temperature is rising. Looks like it might be time to think about spring.

Prepping your lawn and garden in spring is a must. The to do list is extensive. First a thorough spring leaf clean up is necessary. For a homeowner this might mean cleaning leaves and possibly the first lawn mowing of the year. To landscape contractors who are required to show better results, or why would you hire us, spring clean up is more likely thought of as a time of year to really prepare a home’s lawn and garden for a full year of success. So for landscape contractors, in addition to spring leaf cleaning, there is re-establishing bed edges, mulching flower beds, and tending to perennials. Spring lawn care might also include a pH test. Even for landscape professional, keeping the pH levels correct is a challenge. Lawn treatments to control weeds, especially crabgrass, are necessary and best performed in spring.

Spring can also be a time to do power raking. De-thatching (power raking) can be vital. However, some contractors provide this service every spring “just because.” I personally do not believe every lawn requires de-thatching every single year. De-thatching, when necessary, as opposed to “just because,” might save you money that could be better use elsewhere, such as annual flowers or perennials to provide color for a your enjoyment and a better presentation of your home. Who doesn’t like colorful flowers? They always add beauty to any home. For landscape contractors the list can go on and on.

If you need professional help with your lawn and garden, please feel free to contact us. We have been helping folks with their landscape needs and landscape problems for 38 years. We would love to help find solutions for you too. For more information about our Landscape Maintenance services please see our page or give us a call at 201-445-4646 to set up a free consultation. Please feel free to share this blog with your friends and family.

It's Hot and I Am Thirsty

The heat is on! It is extremely important that you water your lawn and shrubs. Lack of proper watering leads to problems. In lawns, drought stress increases the possibility of diseases attacking the stressed grass plant and also die back of the root system.

In shrubs and other plant material, lack of water causes stress which causes plants to drop leaves vital to survival. Weakened plants also attract more insects and in a weakened state, insect feeding places even more stress on your shrubs and plants and possible death can occur.

Remember, you don’t have to have an irrigation system to have a nice lawn. THE
GOAL IS TO SUPPLY WATER. If you have limited time, make sure that at least the sunny areas receive water. Please remember to always remove the hose from the lawn as the sun will heat the water in the hose to a high temperature and cause the lawn under the hose to die.

I recommend EARLY MORNING watering only, Do Not water in the afternoon or evening. This has the potential to create problems and increase the possibility of disease organisms attacking your lawn and shrubs. Hydrated lawns and shrubs are the best way for you to help keep your property looking nice and healthy.

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