West Nile Virus Kills Two in Bergen County, NJ

On September 21, 2018, the news reported that a Lodi man died from West Nile virus. Today, another Bergen county resident is reported to have died from West Nile virus. This year’s hot and wet weather has produced the most cases of West Nile virus in New Jersey since 2012, with Bergen county currently recording the most cases.

Currently there is no vaccine for West Nile virus. If bitten by a mosquito infected with West Nile virus, humans have about a 20% chance of developing fever, headaches, body aches, rash, and fatigue. These symptoms can last weeks or even months.

Mosquito season runs through October or even into November if it is warm enough. Don’t let the cooler weather fool you. Mosquitoes are still active, especially at dawn or dusk. I have been blogging about mosquitoes all year and the dangers that they present. Now with two recent deaths in Bergen county, it is obvious how important it is to do your part to remove any standing water around your home to reduce the breeding sites for mosquitoes. At Keep It Green Landscaping, we have been doing our part helping our clients with our Mosquito Control Programs.

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Mosquitoes and Gnats and Ticks, Oh My!!!

We all remember Dorothy walking through the forest in Oz. Fear overcame her when she realized the dark woods might contain lions, tigers, and bears. She skipped and chanted lions and tigers and bears, oh my, becoming more and more fearful. Don't let your fear of mosquitoes, gnats, and ticks ruin your summer fun. Mosquitoes and ticks transmit diseases and gnats are just just a royal nuisance.

Here are some helpful tips. Mow your lawn weekly. I suggest a mowing height of three inches. If your lawn is overgrown it will make a better hiding spot for mosquitoes. Dethatching your lawn periodically will help with the gnats. Boarder areas between lawns and woods are zones where ticks can easily be found. So try to stay out of these area.

Remember, at Keep It Green Landscaping, our spray programs  provide you protection from mosquitoes, gnats, and ticks. Your summer should be filled with fun and memories. Our organic mosquito, gnat, and tick controls are a safe and effective way to keep your backyard from becoming the dark forest.

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