There's A New Tick in Town

Well maybe not your town yet, the Longhorned tick has been found in New Jersey. The Longhorned tick was first found on sheep in Hunterdon county, and more recently in Union country. The Longhorned tick is native to Asia. But has become an major invasive pest problem for Australia and New Zealand, and now it is here, in the United States.

Good news is that no Longhorned tick have been found in Bergen county yet. Bad news is these ticks do spread disease. But is has not been determined if the Longhorned tick will spread Lyme disease like the common Deer tick found in Bergen county. More bad news, like the Deer tick, they are very small and hard to find on pets. Sadly, these ticks have the ability to overwinter (survive through the cold of winter). Maybe the best news is our tick spraying program at Keep It Green Landscaping is an all natural organic tick control measure that can help you manage your tick problems. 

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