ORGANIC - Lawn Care

Designed especially for those who want to find a balance with nature. We offer our organic programs, 100% natural and custom designed to provide a slow and steady building of your soil with nature’s own components.

Safe, Easy, and All Organic

  • Boarder Management /
    Protective Insect Barrier
  • Organic Deer Control/ Deer Repellents
  • Organic Tick control
  • Organic Flea control
  • Organic Mosquito control
  • Organic Gnat control
  • Fertilizers
  • Liquid compost
  • Weed preventives
  • Insect repellents
  • Bio-stimulants
  • Minerals
  • Micro-nutrients

Other Landscaping Services that Work with Nature

Dethatching - which creates a better gaseous exchange and allows your lawn to breathe better
Core Aeration - the service is extremely valuable, as it reduces soil compaction and allows root systems to develop to a greater depth and mass density.
Over Seeding - keeping your lawn young and dense
Soil Testing - testing gives us a scientific look at your soil and allows us to more accurately fulfill your lawn's needs
Bed Mulching - Keeping your planting beds properly mulched is a great way to help suppress weeds and keep your shrubs and plant material healthy and hydrated.

Please remember at Keep It Green Landscaping we are a full service landscape contractor and can handle all of your landscaping needs.

Providing lawn care to Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Waldwick, Midland Park, Rutherford and Bergen county.

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