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Why have you come to Keep It Green Landscaping’s deer control Page?
It is probably because you are having a deer problem. We all love deer, let’s face it, they’re cute, even when they are feeding on shrubs and flowers, there is still a peacefulness about a deer. Who doesn’t like Bambi?

Sadly, the white tail deer problem in New Jersey and especially in Bergen county NJ, has not only been on the rise for many years, it has now hit a critical point. We see white tail deer everywhere. Herd size has increased in areas where deer have historically been such as northern Bergen county. With the deer population increasing, we now see a need for deer control in central Bergen county. Southern Bergen county is no longer immune to deer browsing and feeding either.

Think about your own travels, you may see them on the way to work in the morning or on the way home at dusk. Often times you can spot deer in the same locations, they are truly creatures of habit.  They return to the same areas daily to feed. In my travels, I have personally seen deer during the day time, a less likely time to spot deer, in Midland Park, Allendale, Montvale, 
Saddle River, Elmwood Park, Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Paramus, Washington Township, and Rutherford. I came dangerously close to hitting two adult deer as they ran across the road right in front of me on Lincoln Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ. At this point I think everyone has a story to tell about seeing deer around their home and neighborhood.  They seem to be everywhere. 

Let’s talk about how Keep It Green Landscaping’s Deer Control Program can help you control your deer problems around your home. We provide deer control service to Bergen county, parts of Passaic county, and parts of Hudson county.  We will come to you and discuss your property and the deer problems that you are experiencing. We will develop a Deer Protection Strategy for you. Our deer spraying programs are extremely effective in the humane control and deterrence of white tail deer.  Our deer treatments are 100% organic.  Our deer treatments DO NOT hurt or harm deer.  Our experience and unique formulations combined with rotation methods are safe and effective for plants, people, and, of course, the target pest the white tail deer. At Keep It Green Landscaping, we solve deer problems.

Spring is here and with the emergence of spring perennial flowers and new soft foliage on shrubs and plant material, deer can't help themselves, after a long winter, it's their favorite food. As the deer population grows in Bergen county each year, we gain more and more customers, by helping them enjoy their home's flowers by employing our deer control measures.

The cost to Bergen county homeowners can be hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.  The damage caused to a beautiful residential landscape can be devastating.  Deer also carry and re-deposit ticks. Some ticks can transfer diseases such as Lyme disease to humans and family pets as well.  With Keep It Green Landscaping’s proven Deer Spraying Program, we will stop deer from feeding on your valuable shrubs, perennials, and flowers. With less deer around your home, your tick population should decrease as well. 

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Tick Control

Tick control is an extremely serious part of any landscape management program. Ticks are known to carry many diseases such as, Lyme Disease.  Bergen county New Jersey reports hundreds of cases each year, with over a quarter million cases of Lyme reported nationally and the numbers are rising on an annual basis.

Children are often times most at risk, as they easily come into contact with ticks when playing on lawns and in the wooded areas close to their homes. 

Ticks do not fly nor can they jump.  Ticks like to live and can be found in tall grass, meadows, brush, firewood piles, and shrubs.  A tick crawls up on a plant, holding on with its rear legs and extending its front legs, then the tick waits for a person or animal to brush up against it. The tick then grabs onto the passerby with its extended legs and pulls itself on to its new host, typically the lower part of an adult body, but depending on a child’s height, a tick can hitch a ride almost anywhere. Next the tick will bite by inserting its mouth parts and blood feeding follows.  After the blood meal the tick will fall off. 

The summer months tend to be worse for most people as that is when we use our yards and are outside the most.  However, ticks are active all year round. Ticks are always active in spring, summer, and fall . Even in the warmer periods of the winter they can be active, as they find areas around your property to keep warm while waiting to bite and feed on the blood of a mammal such as mice, deer, pets, or even humans. Keep It Green Landscaping employs many landscape management strategies to reduce the presence of ticks around your home. Leaf cleaning, mulching, proper pruning, and boarder management will reduces hiding places for ticks. We combine these practices with our 100% organic Tick Spraying Programs to provide you with the best tick control results.

It is estimated that as many as 50% of the deer tick population carries the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Our 100% Organic Deer Control also helps reduce ticks, as deer are known to carry and transport ticks.  Nobody wants to help you get those ticks out of your yard more than Keep It Green Landscaping.  Keep It Green Landscaping has been providing organic pest control services since 1981. Please call us to discuss how we can develop your best management strategy.

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Deer Control and Tick Control Testimonials

Keep it Green does a great job controlling our deer problem. We had whole tribes of 5-8 deer at a time using our back yard as a lounge. We had deer harming our young trees. We had deer feeding off our garden, and after we had a new hedge planted, we were worried that deer would damage the new plants. Dyle’s deer spray did an excellent job of deterring the deer from our property. We can tell because there is no damage and a lot less deer poop on our grass. Thanks to Dyle, our new hedge has survived and is well established.
— Mr. M., Glen Rock, NJ 07452
I am so happy we hired Keep It Green Landscaping to do our deer spraying. Prior to your deer control program we were never able to enjoy our flowers. As soon as they would come up out of the ground the deer would eat them. When we first moved to Fair Lawn it wasn’t so bad, but over time there were more and more deer. I called Keep It Green Landscaping and Dyle came over and explained how their strategy would help to control the deer. It’s been a few years now and my wife and I have been very happy with how they handle keeping the deer away. I recommend them to anyone with a deer problem.
— D.W. Fair Lawn, NJ 07410


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