Mosquito Control and Gnat Control

Mosquito Control

Are you tired of mosquito bites?
Moms and dads, are you tired of your kids complaining about mosquito bites?

Are you concerned about the diseases that mosquitoes carry and transmit?
Keep It Green Landscaping can help you with our Mosquito Control Program. Our organic mosquito treatments are a safe and effective solution to control that buzzing pest. Our mosquito spray programs are customed designed to meet the needs of your home. Mosquito control is a very important topic for all of us. Mosquitoes are known to have existed 400 million years ago. There are about 2,700 different species world wide with 176 living in the United States.

There is no end in sight for the mosquito as a species. What then do we do? Mosquito control and prevention are our best options. We discuss both further on this page. Keep it Green Landscaping provides an integrated approach to Mosquito Control with our clients in Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Midland Park, Fair Lawn, Paramus, Rutherford, Hasbrouck Heights,
Wood Ridge, Allendale, Washington Township, Ho Ho Kus,  Waldwick, Carlstadt, Moonachie, Lyndhurst, Secaucus, Hawthorne, and other Bergen County and surrounding towns.

To better understand mosquito control let’s first take a look at the mosquito and its life cycle.

Mosquito Lifecycle

  1. Egg – Mosquito eggs are laid one at a time or en masse. Most mosquito eggs hatch in 48 hours.

  2. Larva – This is the mosquito growth stage. The larva live in water and come to the surface to breathe. The mosquito larva will molt four times, growing larger each time. They feed on organic matter and microorganisms in the water source. The fourth molting changes the mosquito larva into the pupa.

  3. Pupa – The pupal stage is a resting stage and no feeding occurs, at this time the mosquito changes into an adult.

  4. Adult – As adults emerge from the water, the mosquito takes some time to dry off. This allows the body parts and wings to harden for flight. It will only be a few days before blood feeding and mating to begin.


Adult Mosquitoes
No one is immune to the pesky mosquito. Mosquitoes find us by more than one method. Using their sight, they are attracted to movement. Mosquitoes sense warm bodies by infra-red radiation. They also sense carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Adult male mosquitoes live about 10 days. Adult female mosquitoes live about 42-56 days. Only the female mosquito bites.

Mosquito Control and Gnat Control Testimonial

You guys are rock stars. We had everything that could possibly bite in our backyard except alligators. I am amazed at the difference since we signed up with you. You really know what you’re doing.
— Mr. & Mrs. A., Ridgewood, NJ 07450
When I first met with you this spring about your mosquito spraying service, I was a little skeptical. As I told you, I had a big pest control company do the spraying last year and they let me down. This year was so much better. I have to say a great big thank you to you and your guys. The kids are back to school now. but we enjoyed our yard all summer. I am super happy with your service, we will be back for next year too.
— Mrs. J., Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Mosquito season will be here soon. Please don't wait until the mosquitoes are biting. Call now to set up your mosquito control program. Then you can enjoy your backyard parties all summer long.

Organic Mosquito Control
At Keep It Green Landscaping, we are successfully providing mosquito control using 100% organic mosquito controls to protect you and your family and pets.  Currently, 63 species of mosquitoes live and breed in Bergen county, New Jersey. One of the more recent mosquito arrivals is the Asian Tiger mosquito. The Asian Tiger mosquito is fierce and a very aggressive human biter that even bites during the day time and can transmit viral diseases, such as West Nile virus. The Asian Tiger mosquito doesn't fight fair, hitting below the belt, with most bites occurring on the feet, ankles and legs. Simply walking around your backyard stirs them from their hiding spots and with their aggressive nature even swatting at them doesn't stop the biting process. Fortunately our organic mosquito control program is an extremely safe and effective solution for all your unwanted pests including the Asian Tiger mosquito. Our spraying programs are designed to meet the needs of you, as a homeowner and your individual property. Another bonus of our organic mosquito spraying program is you will be able to use your yard almost immediately with virtually no waiting time. Keep It Green Landscaping has been successful in handling pest problems like mosquitoes, gnats, ticks and fleas since 1981.

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Mosquito Borne Diseases
Mosquitoes are a huge problem. Over one million people die worldwide from mosquito borne diseases. Dogs, cats, and horses and also vulnerable to mosquito bites.  Mosquito controls are essential to keeping these diseases under control. Less serious, however largely annoying, is the simple mosquito bite, which produces a reddish bump and itching. This is caused by an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva. The mosquito injects saliva into you to thin your blood, which provides the female mosquito the blood feeding and protein necessary for egg development. Everybody has heard of West Nile virus, which came to the United States in 1999. Now Zika virus is in the news with warnings about travel.

The following is a more complete list of mosquito borne disease: 
Dog Heartworm
Eastern Equine Encephalitis
LaCrosse Encephalitis
St. Louis Encephalitis
Western Equine Encephalitis
West Nile Virus
Yellow Fever
Zika Virus

Mosquito Prevention (Your Role)

All mosquitoes require water to breed. Mosquito problems in your neighborhood are the result of standing water. Everyone must do their part to help eliminate mosquito breeding places. Even the smallest amounts of water are sources for mosquito breeding.

Here is a list of some of the biggest offenders, mosquitoes find these water sources to lay their eggs:
Old tires, flower pots, buckets
Clogged or slow draining gutters
Garbage cans, garbage can lids
Children’s toys, pet dishes, barbecue covers, tarps
Bottles, basins, buckets, watering cans
Even bird baths, the water should be changed at least every 48 hours but daily would be best.
Anything that can collect and hold water can breed hundreds to thousands of mosquitoes.

Keep It Green Landscaping has been providing organic pest control services since 1981. This mosquito page is designed to provide information about mosquitoes, the threat and problem that mosquitoes pose to us all during the mosquito season. Mosquito prevention supplemented with our integrated organic approach to mosquito control, will help to keep us all safer this mosquito season. Please feel free to share this page address with your friends and family and help them too.

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Mosquito Control (That’s Our Role)
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Gnat Control

It’s really easy to hate gnats. Those tiny annoying pests that fly in our faces and bother our guests, the kids, and of course, our family pets. Gnats are very small and most people don’t realize it, but they are actually flies. Since gnats are flies, they like to do what other flies, like the common house fly, do. They like to hang around any decaying matter.  Some examples of where gnats live and breed are excessive thatch in lawns, decomposing plant material, feces, garbage cans, etc. Even ground covers such and ivy and pachysandra are great places to live if you are a gnat. There are many different gnats. Fungus gnats and wood gnats are very common in Bergen County, NJ.  Gnats are attracted to light which can be a big problem. Gnats are a real nuisance and worst of all, they bite too.

At Keep It Green Landscaping, we employ a 100% organic gnat control measure that is safe for family and pets,
an effective solution to ridding your yard of gnats.  Our technicians know where to look to find and treat the
hiding places where gnats live. Remember, because of our organic approach to gnat control, you can use your yard
the same day of the treatment.

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Safe and Affordable Organic Gnat Control.

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